As a 100% auxiliary company whose manufacturing process is injection moulding engineering plastics for technical parts, Zatec does not have its own product. We work according to client specifications, actively collaborating from the initial design, proposing improvements, materials, etc. through to meeting the requirements for the final application.

Although we work in diverse sectors, our main outlet for plastic parts is the always demanding automotive sector, supplying the different plants of our clients (Tier1) across Europe, America and Asia, as an ‘A supplier’. This is why we obtained the IATF-16949 certificate.

 Where can you find our parts in the car?

Drivetrain / Powertrain

Manufacturers of roller and ball bearings used in bushings for light industrial and agricultural vehicle wheels, transmissions in the gear box and in machine tool spindles, among others, use thermoplastic cages manufactured by Zatec.

These cages separate, hold and maintain the rolling pieces at the same spatial distances. The cages are subjected to mechanical stresses through friction, inertia and deformation forces. They may degrade when subjected to the chemical effects of some lubricants, additives or products generated by ageing, in addition to through the actions of organic solvents.

Injected thermoplastic cages are characterised by a favourable combination of resistance and elasticity. The materials used are: Polyamide 6.6, Polyamide 4.6, etc. with various additives.

Anti-Vibration Systems

We manufacture parts that are used in anti-vibration systems, whose goal is to eliminate or reduce the vibrations caused by terrain irregularities and noise within the car, helping to improve the driving/comfort dynamic.

One example is the sleeve used on the chassis components – this is the link between the bodywork and the road.

Materials used: POM, PA6.6, PA4.6, PPA, with different additives including fibreglass and TPEs.

Fluid transfer Systems

Our clients manufacture and develop fluid transfer systems, meeting the demands of the automotive industry.

Zatec supplies parts such as connectors and valves in various materials, including Polyamide 6.6, Polyamide 11, Polyamide 12 and PPA with different additives including fibreglass, carbon fibre and flame retardants.

These parts link the various steel or plastic ducts through which fluids (e.g. oil, coolant, fuel, etc.) flow.

Roofs, Pillars, Seats, Interior parts…

Manufacturers of pillars and roofs with sun visors, handholds, lights, etc. include our parts in their product. Parts such as locators, retainers, handles, grommets, light fixtures and electronic boxes in different materials, such as:

Polyamide with/without fibreglass, ABS and PC Blends, Long fibre Polypropylene, POM, etc.

Other areas in the car where you may find our parts include the interior with elements of clipping for the central console, linear bearing cage for the seat, or components for rear-view mirrors, among many others.