Injection Moulding

Zatec is a company which produces injection moulded plastic engineering parts , such as PC, PMMA, ABS-PC, PBT, POM, PA6, PA6.6, PA4.6, PPA, PPS, etc. and TPEs. Materials with different additives, e.g. fibreglass and long fibreglass, carbon fibre, flame retardants, molybdenum, Teflon, etc. That is our objective for a part, albeit we also inject more common materials, naturally.

Hence, we have an automatic raw material feeder running to a bank of injection machines (from 15 to 250 tons) equipped with robots, temperature controllers, conveyor belts, etc.: in short, all the necessary auxiliary parts.

ZATEC offers a holistic product service, from design and choosing the most suitable materials at the beginning of the project through to the mass production of the injected part.

Design: undertaking the design engineering for the part, presenting the 3D/prototype for consideration and approval. We work actively with our clients, proposing improvements and materials to be used depending on the technical specifications or requirements set out.

Prototypes: presentation of samples to the client using suitable technology within a short space of time, whether for checking dimensions, assembly, appearance or, simply, for marketing. Short production runs, SLS (laser sintering) and SLA (stereolithography). Medium production runs, silicon dies, aluminium dies,etc.

Dies: we take charge of the die engineering, actively working with qualified specialist die providers to obtain parts in the quality/quantity required. Follow-up and execution of die tests with sample presentations through to standardisation. Preventive and corrective die maintenance is performed in our facilities to ensure the die works properly.

Production: we have a bank of 17 machines for precision injection of technical plastic engineering parts, per client needs. In addition, we undertake other complementary activities, such as pad printing, welding (spin and ultrasound), humidity conditioning for hygroscopic parts and assemblies.