Other Sectors

As an auxiliary company, aside from working for the automotive sector, Zatec works for all those companies and sectors in need of a plastic insert for their production or assembly process. Areas as diverse as the Electronics, Telecommunications, Lighting and Oven sectors; in short, for a multitude of sectors.

Electronics, Electricity & Telecommunications

Real-time electronic access systems with on-line technology where security is critical: hospitals, airports, sports centres and shops, government buildings, etc.

Ventilation for electrical cabins: regulating the internal temperature to protect the electronic components from overheating.

Telecommunications: both digital and analogue radio for all kinds of communication in transport, industry, etc., such as public telephones, components for currency validators and for recharging electric vehicles, among others.

For all of the preceding cases, we inject both visible and unseen parts, such as housings or casings, electrical boxes, switchgears, etc. where materials such as POM, PC, ABS/PC, ASA/PC and PA are common, with additives including fibreglass and fire retardants (V0 flame retardant).

Lighting, Ovens and Other Indudstrial Sectors

Working with the client on the initial design and participating in choosing suitable materials, plastic parts have been developed to replace metal with the consequential savings in both weight and price, as well as resistance to chemical agents.

Sectors such as lighting, ovens, lifts, the military and welding all use varied plastic components or sets of parts with different operations that are complementary to injection moulding, e.g. pad printing, ultrasound welding or assembly.
A wide range of materials are used, among which are TPEs and thermoplastics: PP, PMMA, PC, ABS/PC, PBT, PA and PPA, with different additives, including fibreglass, molybdenum, anti-statics, etc.