Pad Printing and Welding

Aside from injection moulding, we undertake other complementary activities, such as pad printing. We have 4 units for this. They can work in tandem – printing at each position using a rotary table – or individually on different items.
Essentially, this is the application of ink using an ink pad on a plastic part, mainly for decoration, customising a product, poka-yoke markings, etc.

We also have welding machines to join plastic parts together or position small inserts, plus assemblies – delivering the turnkey product to the client. We have two types of welding available:

  • Spin welding: for circular section parts, applying pressure and using friction through the rotation of one part against another to produce the weld.
  • Ultrasound welding: this is based on transforming energy from friction and vibration into heat. The high frequency vibrations generated by the ultrasound system are transferred by the welding tool (sonotrode) to the parts to be welded.