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Several components in engineering plastics to Drivetrain, Powertrain, Antivibration, System transfer fluids, roofs, interiors…


Several components in engineering plastics to Drivetrain, Powertrain, Antivbration, System transfer fluids, roofs, interiors…

In Zatec, we work closely with our customers to choose the adequate raw material for each project, guaranteeing the quality and durability of our plastic parts.

Altough we work for several sectors,the main destination of our termoplastic parts is the demanding automotive market, supplying components like “A” supplier to different plants of our customers (Tier1) located in Europe, America and Asia.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in our certification, IATF-16949. Collaborating actively with our customers to inject tecnical parts of engineering plastics, with high mechanical properties to elevated temperatures, meeting the final requirements and improving the efficiency of vehicles. Some times, we do a metal replacement to plastic, too. By this way we achieve savings in weight, and therefore savings in the fuel consumption.

From the initial design up to serial production, we collaborate with customer, proposing improvements and the more adequate material to achieve the best solution based on final application, from the point of view of our core process, injection molding.

Where do you can find our plastic parts in a car?


We inject sleeves and plastic cages made of thermoplastics of high quality. These parts are assembled by bearings manufacturers for bushings of light, heavy, industrial and agricultural vehicles, besides of plastic parts for as well as for gearbox transmission parts.

The plastic cages (balls and rollers) are necessary to separate and keeping rolling elements evenly spaced. However, they are subjected to mechanical stress and they can break down due to the chemical effects of lubricants and solvents.

By this reason, some examples of thermoplastic material used for this applications are PA6, PA66, PA46 with a wide range of additives according to application. Plastic parts are designed to offer an optimum combination of resistance and elasticity.


We manufature parts to antivibration systems, where the main purpose is the eliminate and/or to reduce vibrations and impacts generated by the irregularities in the terrain and, therefore, the noise inside the vehicle, helping to improve driving dynamics and comfort.

An example is the sleeve that our customers use like inserts, overmolding with rubber by our end customers like silentblock.

Altought the range of materials is elevated, we use themoplastics such as POM, different grades of Polyamide(PA), and PPA with several additives like glass fibers, moreover elastomer thermoplastics.


We are specialized in the injection of small parts like clips, connectors…for system transfer fluids, brake fluid, fuel, coolant and aeration. We work closely with our customers, who manufacture and develop these systems, to guarantee that our parts fulfill their function of quick, safe and efficient connection to the tubes or hoses through which the fluids circulate without leaks.

We work with a wide range of raw materials to adapt us to the end requirements of each application. Some of them, are POM, different grades of Polyamide (PA6, PA66, PPA), and PPS, with additives like glass fiber, carbon fiber, heat stabilized, impact modified, flame retardant, and elastomer thermoplastics with different hardness.

We do a feasibility analyze to choose the adequate raw material in each project, optimizing the customer design based on our injection molding process for our plastic parts.


We inject parts to different customers, who manufacture directly to final assembly for OEMs. Componentes for several applications, such as roofs, central console, seats, door panels. These components are manufactured with different materials and properties depending on function and final application.

We develop parts with excellente tribological properties (wear and friction resistance) to use into mechanism of different riction coefficients (static and dynamic), in addition to offer modified materials to resist impacts (according to final application or assembly at the customer’s home), as well as low-emission materials according to odor requirements.

Among the most common applications of our components are housings for electronic boxes or lights, retainers, positioners, bushings, gears, clips and cable glands.

For these parts we use materials such as PC/ABS, ABS/PA, different grades of PA and POM (homopolymer and copolymer), all of them with specific additives to improve their properties.


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